Self-service dental tools empowering members to improve their oral health.

Dental Optimizer is the nexus between providers, payers and members.

Cloud-based, modular, scalable, HIPAA compliant and customizable

Digital dental portal helping facilitate the relationship between providers, members, and insurers. Help your members monitor and improve their oral health while empowering providers to book more appointments.

Benefit Info for All Members

View ID card, access EOB's, claims summary and member handbook.

Find A Dentist

Search by network, cost, location, keyword, evening and weekend hours, languages spoken, and more.

Find A Dentist

Search by network, cost, location, keyword, evening and weekend hours, languages spoken, and more.

Online Appointment Booking

Schedule appointments directly from your dashboard, dentist finder search results or the providers' profile.


Members can schedule a virtual checkup, emergency appointment, and more with HIPAA compliant teledentistry tools. These tools include the ability to easily rebook appointments and submit questions for providers in their area to answer, in place of a secure video consultation.

Assess Your Cavity or Gum Disease Risk Level

Quickly and easily determine your cavity and gum disease risk levels.

Provider Submitted Articles

View over 200 articles, tips, and advice from dental professionals. Topics are recommended based on previous actions conducted by members on the site.

Benefits Summary

Summary includes annual maximum, deductibles, and savings

Recent Claims History

View a history of recent claims information including visit dates, total costs, member payments, links to provider profiles, explanation of benefits (EOBs), and to rebook appointments

Upcoming Appointments

View open appointment requests, accepted appointments, and reschedule notifications. Ability to cancel appointments up to 72 hours before an appointment

Personal Assessment Tracking

60-second cavity and gum disease risk assessments to see how your oral health is trending. Alerts encourage members to complete these every 6 months

See Your Questions and Answers

See your most recent questions and answers.
You can also reply and submit more questions directly from the dashboard

Virtual Checkups

Schedule an interactive video-based checkup with a pre-exam that includes the ability to upload images along with any additional documentation or information.

Emergency Consult

Emergency Consults are virtual and go directly to your provider of record. If your provider is unavailable, other providers in your are receive the request and a contracted team of providers are alerted to respond to any outstanding requests.

Quickly Update and Sort Results - Advanced Search

Sort and filter search results, including sorting by overall cost. Appointment scheduling is built into results.

Quickly Update and Sort Results

Search results are updated dynamically when the map is repositioned by the user or when results are filtered. Appointment scheduling is built into each result.

Provider Hours, Website, Social Media and More

View dentist’s contact information, hours of operation, and links to their website, social media, and blog.

Unique Provider Information

View details about a provider including years practicing, overall cost ranking, participating in special programs (ex. Health through Oral Wellness), and a written bio.

See an Overall Rating and Compare Reviews

See composite ratings and link to reviews from Yelp, Google and Facebook..

Schedule an Appointment

Request appointments directly from each provider profile.

Book an Appointment

Request an appointment based on the provider's pre-determined availability.

Pin your Appointments

Appointment are saved to dashboard and can be printed, emailed or added to a calendar.

Appointment Notifications

Email reminders, in-browser alerts, and browser push notifications notify members of upcoming appointments.

Self Assess in 60 Seconds

60-second assessments to determine risk level and get personalized advice.

Track Progress

Compare results over time to see if you are trending up or down.

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Learn how these tools encourage healthy actions and remove barriers to setting appointments

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Learn how these tools encourage healthy actions and remove barriers to setting appointments