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Build A Patient Generator Application

Get More patients

What are you doing to convert your website's visitors into actual patients? The Patient Generator lets you choose from a set of applications you can easily embed in your website to generate more business. Once a prospect completes an assessment, creates an oral heath profile or calculates the price range of a procedure, She is directed to submit her information to you so an appointment can be scheduled.

How does the Patient Generator widget actually generate new patients?

New patients (especially those who've been avoiding the dentist) need to understand the benefits of your services and assess their oral health before they'll be motivated to contact you. The Patient Generator application makes it easy for your website's visitors to do both.

Once your Patient Generator Application is live, sit back while potential patients visiting your website engage in informative risk assessments and submit the results directly to your email in-box. All your staff needs to do is review the results and follow up to schedule an appointment.

1. I'm not a technical person and I don't manage my own website. Can I still use the Patient Generator?

Yes! The Patient Generator is designed to be easy for all of our users to insert on their websites. Once you've gone through four simple steps on our wizard, you will be provided with a single line of code, that you can insert yourself or email directly to you webmaster.

2. What if I don't have a website? Is there any other way to use the Patient Generator?

Yes. If you do not have a website, you can use the Patient Generator within your extended profile within our Dentist Finder.

3. Can I resize the Patient Generator tools for different formats, such as tablets or mobile?

Our Patient Generator is designed to be responsive, which means that its size automatically adjusts to fit whatever format you or your patients are using.