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Dental Optimizer is an enterprise level dental portal connecting members, providers, and payers. With Dental Optimizer, your members can book appointments, ask questions, calculate out-of-pocket costs, get real-time benefits information and more. Our cloud-based software is modular, infinitely scalable, and can be branded to meet each Delta’s needs. It’s also turn-key in that it allows you to quickly and easily make significant enhancements to your members’ online experience.


Digital dashboard for dental plans allows members to set appointments, ask questions, calculate out-of-pocket costs, get real-time benefits information and more

The dental insurance industry just became a lot more competitive

Oct 23, 2018, 19:38 ET

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PORTLAND, Ore.Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dental Optimizer gives dental plans the comprehensive technology their members need to improve their oral health with less effort. These digital tools give members the power to check their benefits, get questions answered by dental professionals, calculate out-of-pocket costs, compare providers, schedule appointments and more.  https://www.dentaloptimizer.com/

Dental plans can now make significant enhancements to the online experience of their members with a new suite of self-service dental tools. This unique platform gives members a digital version of their dental plan accessible from their phone, tablet or laptop.

With companies like Alphabet pouring $540 million into Oscar Health, a digital-first health plan, traditional carriers need to adapt, and they need to do so fast. Dental Optimizer gives dental insurers the tools they need to remain competitive.

"Traditional insurers are looking for new ways to improve their relationships with members and providers. Dental Optimizer accomplishes this by increasing the level of engagement between patients and dentists," said Sam Dyer, creator and chief marketing officer for Dental Optimizer. 

What makes Dental Optimizer unique is that it meets the demand for both member and provider self-service tools. In addition to connecting patients with high-quality providers, members can calculate costs, assess risk levels, ask questions and more. Members also get at-a-glance information about their claims, deductibles and plan coverage from a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard.

Consumer experience has become a major focus for many healthcare companies and dental practices. Members want to better understand and utilize their dental benefits, calculate costs, find the best providers and book appointments online.

Greg Hansen, Healthy Grid's managing director of Operations added, "Dental plans looking for ways to elevate the member experience need a compelling set of digital capabilities that fit their members' and providers' needs."

Insurers interested in these tools can request a demonstration www.dentaloptimizer.com.

About Healthy Grid
Greg Hansen is the managing director for Healthy Grid. Sam Dyer has over 18 years of experience in digital trends and consumer technology products. Healthy Grid is headquartered in Portland Oregonwww.healthygrid.com


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