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Dental Tips & Prevention

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Save your money- save your teeth!

Did you know that the same daily routines that help you save at the dentist also help your teeth last longer? Did you know that good oral health is necessary for good heart health? Did you know that you can fight cavities with lollipops?

Knowledge is as important as regular checkups and soft bristles when it comes to your teeth. Maximize your time and money with our dental tips and prevention suggestions.

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Latest Dental Articles & Tips

  • How to Keep Your Smile Healthy

    Dental hygiene may not seem like a big deal, but the health of your teeth and gums is indicative of various health issues involving the heart and hormones. As you age, your dental needs will change accordingly. Here are 5 tips to keep your smile healthy at any ...

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  • What Exactly Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

    As a dentist in Lake Forest, IL, patients are often asking for advice pertaining to cosmetic dentistry. I've taken the liberty to include an overview below. Enjoy! If cosmetic dentistry sounds right for you, be sure to ask your local dentist about your options.   ...

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  • How To Tell If You Have Gum Disease

    As a dentist in Manchester, NH, I'm often asked by concerned patients if they should be worried about gum disease. With that in mind, I took the liberty of writing the blog post below. Hopefully it will help someone alleviate their concerns. Thanks for reading! Gum Dis...

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