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Dental Cost Calculator

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Quickly calculate the cost of dental procedures

  • Never be overcharged for dental work again
  • Calculate the cost of 22 common dental procedures
  • Accurately calculate prices specific to your area

    Most dental treatments are planned in advance by your dentist. The dental Cost Calculator helps you estimate what your cost of care should be and outlines steps to reduce your future costs.

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    Calculating Dental Costs Has Never Been Easier

    No one wants to overpay for dental work so arm yourself with information. You can anticipate the cost of dental care in your state before scheduling an appointment. Use this dental cost calculator to estimate a price range for your state.


    The dental cost calculator uses annual data provided by the American Dental Association to determine a range of costs for each state. You can get a specific cost calculation estimate for each of these services:

    • Cost of braces for children
    • Cost of braces for adults
    • Cost of dental bridge
    • Cost of dental crown
    • Cost of cleaning
    • Cost of dentures
    • Cost of exam
    • Cost of extraction
    • Cost of filling
    • Cost of fluoride
    • Cost of gingivectomy
    • Cost of osseous surgery
    • Cost of implant
    • Cost of retainer
    • Cost of root canal
    • Cost of root surgery
    • Cost of scaling and root planning
    • Cost of sealants
    • Cost of soft tissue grafts
    • Cost of bitewing X-rays
    • Cost of full mouth X-rays
    • Cost of panoramic X-rays