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Dental Articles & Education

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Education & Tips

Dental Hygiene and Heart Disease

Nothing beats daily dental routines and regular checkups when it comes to protecting your teeth. While your dentist will give you the best advice, you can also learn on your own.

Dental Optimizer has a library of over 300 easy to read articles about every aspect of oral health. Dig in and learn how to save money, time, and, most importantly, your teeth.

Latest Dental Articles & Tips

  • How To Make A Denture

    No, I don’t mean to teach a DIY course on making dentures. And no, it’s not primarily for lab technicians since they should know the process already. It is for those who are interested in the actual process of making dentures. You have pro...

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  • 4 Food Tips for Seniors

    When most people reach their senior years, their attention shifts from looking great and taking care of the daily grind to focusing on family, fun, and enjoying their newfound free time. Unfortunately, this lifestyle transition can be hard on your body, especially since y...

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  • 5 Things to Know about Selling Your Dental Practice

    Selling a dental practice should is not an impulse decision. If you’re thinking about selling your practice, you’ve probably put months, if not years, of thought into it. But no matter how much planning you put into your decision, selling something you have de...

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